Welcome to surfrpg.com

Beginner tips

To get started with RPG, type in chat: rpg

Tip: health, vampire, and armor are important skills to buy. Regen health and ice stab are less useful when you are just getting started.

New to surfing? Check out this Youtube tutorial:


Good luck and have fun!


September 2019

We removed gameME ranking

November 2018

  • We now have gameME!

Go to [ranking is removed] to view all statistics

October 2018

  • Auto snipers and auto shotgun have been enabled again
  • Surf_mai_redone_final2 has been added again

September 2018

  • The server is now 100Tick! This means your computer will ‘talk’ more and more often to the server. This is important for a smooth game play, especially in the case of our fast Surf RPG game!

August 2018:

  • All stats have been reset! Join the level playing field now!
  • It is now a bit cheaper to buy regen health and adrenaline. Health became a bit more expensive, while vampire max has been upped to 16 (effect 120%).
  • Disabled weapons (for now, because average health is still relatively low): autosnipers, m3 on matrix, xm, and p90
  • All RPG stats of all players will be reset on Friday 31st August 2018. At the same time, we will be making some minor changes to the RPG settings, which will be communicated in-game and through this website.

March 2018:

  • You can now listen to music in game. Say !radio (or /radio) and pick your favorite station
  • Rules have been updated

February 2018:

  • RPG XP settings adjusted, get almost 50% more XP for each kill

January 2018:

  • Added 14 new maps, say !nominate to check them out
  • Several maps have random spawn points now

November 2017:

  • You can now select all guns from the guns menu, except m249 and dual elites
  • Maximum adrenaline level is now at 15 (used to be 10)


We’ve been online since September 12th 2017, when we switched the old THC CSS Surf RPG server for our newly configured server.

With this new structure, we’ll be better able to maintain and update your favorite Counter-Strike: Source server.

Be sure to add us to your favorites (surfrpg.com:27015) and stay tuned for updates.

Updates to the server will be announced through in-game chat messages and on this website.